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1/8 walnut kernels
  • 1/8 walnut kernels

1/8 walnut kernels

Detailed description

Product name

whole walnuts in shell

Place of Origin Xinjiang Aksu China
Crop year 2018 new crop
Packing PP woven bag or carton,36kg/bag,16kg/carton
Sample free sample can be offered for your testing
Application Snack, Bakery, Beverage, Food ingredient

Nutritional function

1, tonic strong body, provide nutrition: the animal experiments show that the mixed fat diet containing walnut oil, can make the increase of body weight, increase of serum albumin, and elevated blood cholesterol levels but slower, so the walnut is a kind of high fatty material rare supplements.

2, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, curing skin: peach kernel has a direct antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect. According to clinical reports, walnut tar Zinc Oxide paste made of walnuts, the treatment of dermatitis and eczema, efficiency up to 100%. Walnut rich in oil, is conducive to moisturizing the skin, and maintain human vitality.

3, anti-cancer: experiments have proved that the effective components of walnuts on mice S37 tumor suppression. Walnut technology has some inhibitory effects on many kinds of tumors, such as esophagus cancer, gastric cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, lung cancer, thyroid carcinoma, lymph sarcoma and so on. In addition, walnuts are still available to cancer patients, Pain, promote white blood cells and protect liver.

4, brain age: walnuts contain more protein and human nutrition of essential unsaturated fatty acids, these ingredients are important substances in brain tissue cell metabolism, nourish brain cells, enhance brain function. The phospholipids in walnuts have a good effect on the brain.